25 September 2010

Umno Loses Power Not Malay

16 Syawal 1431H.
By: Nash Ar-Rawy

What a stupid racist game of Umno to win over the heart of the Malay electorates when Mahadthir said that Malay will lose power . Aren’t TGNA, Ustaz Azizan and Khalid Ibrahim being the Chief Ministers of the State of Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor from PAS and PKR are Malay leaders in Pakatan Rakyat ? As to Guan Eng from DAP of Penang in Pakatan Rakyat?( Before was Tsu Koon of Gerakan ) These are the contemporary reality of Malaysia’s cyber politics of anti racism and anti Umno and BN where the masses are not for racist based party and they don’t buy racism.

It has been proven that one Malaysia Malaysian has ousted Umno racist Malay plight and MCA racist Chinese for good. What the people want now is to oust racist based parties such as Umno , MCA and MIC .

The rakyat are politically aware and literate with the internet . They are not the victims of racist game and manipulations of UBN in RTM and the media .They want dedicated and good Malay , Chinese and Indian leaders and leadership in PAS , PKR and DAP as in Pakatan Rakyat giving them good governance as seen in Kelantan , Selangor, Kedah and Penang.

Whereas Umno is a bunch of liars as the lost of RM52Billion untraceable Bumiputra shares by Umno’s psychopans . Felcra settlers in Kelantan being manipulated and won three court cases with million of dollars . Felda ‘s settlers cash flow RM 9Billion gone . Bahasa Melayu being emforced and widely used in schools, Universities and courts during Razak’s time now being discarded and terminated by Umno/Mahathir/Najib . Royalty for the people of Kelantan being denied ; worth RM2 Billion.

Umno/Mahathir denounced the Royalties immunities and introduced a special court to punish them . Scholarships granted by the Federal Constitution to Bumiputras are terminated by Umno/Mahathir/Najib.

These are the treacherous acts of Umno to the Malays as a whole. Who did this . Is it DAP or PAS or PKR ? If not Umno betraying the Malays who else ? Don’ play racist sentiment Umno/ Mahadthir/ Najib! Remember, 13May did not occur in Kelantan eventhough the muslims are there Majority . Umno not only betrayed the Malays but also the nation as well.

Just to satisfy Umno’s cronies . RM320 Billion worth of two oil wells were given to Brunei without the prior consent of the parliament and DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong . Malaysia is on sale by Umno traitors . Tanjung Pagar being the assets of Malaysia ( KTMB ) wihich is higly historical and meaningful as the nation’s heritage easily given to Umno’s psychopans and Singapore . The nation has also lost RM32 Billion of Rosmah gamble with Bank Negara’s Forex .

But broker benefits ! It’s our money lost just like that ! RM32 Billion is equivalent to Penang State Budget for 100 YEARS ! according to Nga of DAP. Just imagine RM32Billion( Rosmah ) , RM 320 Billion( Oil Wells ) , RM 9 Billion( Felda) , RM 52Billion ( Bumiputras’ Shares ) RM 8Billion ( MAS ) and what not . Thus, if the nation turns bankruptcy as the minister in the Prime Minister Department said it’s not because of subsidies allocated to the ‘rakyat ‘ precisely is because of UMNO/BN treachery to the nation for the sake of their psychopans . Umno can do anything under the sun !

What a hypocrcy! When Guan Eng announced RM400 be given to the government servants for raya . Immediately Najib up RM100 making it RM500! Whereas the money allocated for it is more than the total amount of money for the five( 5) subsidies that has been withdrawn by the government. ( How come there’s money and let the rakyat suffer with GST !

PAS is an Islamic Party , not a racist chauvinist Malay party as Umno is . Don’t bulshit that PAS leaders met Tunku to eliminate the Chinese and forfeit their properties. Did it happen in Kelantan where the muslims are the majority . As a matter a fact , there are about 20,000 non –muslims in PAS now under it’s new wing i.e. PAS SUPPORTERS ASSEMBLY CONGRESS ( WING )

Umno is a threat for peace and harmony to the nation . Beware of Umno. Umno is not Malay and Malay is not Umno . Umno has been ousted by the Malays in Kelantan, Kedah , Selangor and Penang and by HIS Grace more States will come under PAS, PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat and Federal Government as well by HIS Grace ! .Malay electorates are getting literate and enlightened with the policies of Pakatan Rakyat and PAS i.e. ISLAM JUST FOR ALL regardless of race, ethnic religion and political ideology . There are many achievements as an advocating State and good governance.

Just one example is the ‘ Ladang Rakyat” for all . Chinese, Malays , Indians , Siamese etc who are poor are allocated the shares and getting a monthly dividen .
Thus , Umno is playing with fire and it is dangerous to the nation as a whole . We want peace and harmony in this country and justice be given to everybody regardless of race and religion. The issues of “cow’s head” , burning of churches , non-muslims in the mosque etc . These are not the true teachings of Islam . Leave Umno alone with their racist groups ; MCA and MIC and Perkasa ( Ibrahim Perkasam /pickles) and Mahathir with their unwanted recipe which is not meant for one Malaysia .

Malays and Non-Malays electorates have to dethrone Umno from power for good and let PAS and PKR to take over the country with a good and dedicated MALAY LEADERSHIP and oust the Malay leaders in Umno with the support of DAP . PAS/Pakatan will make a better good governance for the people with the IGP, Lord President, AG, SPRM , SPR and IC Department come under the Parliament; no more being the subordinate of PM .
Oust Malay leaders in Umno and empower good Malay leadership in PAS and PKR with DAP oust MCA and MIC in PAKATAN RAKYAT for a new just Malaysia in the 13th GN by the Grace of God. Peace Be Upon You ! “ God Is The Greatest ! “

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