26 Februari 2010


11 Rabiul Awwal 1431H
Email : PAS Miri

The recent statement made by Datuk Shafie and Datuk Najib about the RM3.6billion provision for infrastructure development is clearly a political bait by the BN since the disolvement of the DUN of Sarawak shall be done anytime soon. Many political analysts opine that the disolvement could done soonest by April 2010. This matter is strengthen with the currently frequent visits by the Federal Governement leaders to this country, as well as the entry of PPP, one of BN component party, into Sarawak recently.

PAS and its PR counterparts request that any monetary provision approved must be utilised for the real benefits of the Rakyat as a whole. The many prolonged issues be it, the pot-holed roads, traffic congestions or the forever unresolved prolem of municipal waste dumping ground in Miri, show that any statement by Barisan Nasional is only lip service to attract voters. The recent shocking report by MACC that about 60% of the infrastructure allocations for Sarawak have been siphoned off or the projects did not materialise but payments were made. Hence, PAS rejects this announcement of RM3.6b if the money is used for BN political interests or to enrich the cronies of BN. This huge allocation could be divided among the BN quarters as per Seniman P.Ramlee put it nicely in one of his film, "One for you and 9 for me”.

The MACC investigation report about the leakage has not been made public. PAS is hereby urge the government to publices the report and prosecute culprits to face the music. We do not want the BN government to threaten and linger only on petty matters of the PR state governement like the RM2,400 cheque and the sacrificial cattle issues. PAS is also urging the allocation announced by Shafie Apdal and Najib to be used for the betterment of the people and to ensure among the society. The recent attack of a school boy Winstien Balang in Kuching; and DAP State Chief's spouse and the vandalism attack on a church in Miri necessitate the government seriousness in tackling the issue in order to ensure safety to all quarters.

PAS and other PR members will continue to render their commitment to sanctify and enhance the principt of the Rukunegara and harmony to all, which were resoluted in the recent Pakatan Rakyat Convention.PAS like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese communities all over the country especially in Miri and Sarawak. We pray that the new year will bring greater and continous success and improvement.

To all Muslims, PAS ask them to continue propogating goodness towards the realisation of the Welfare State as in line with the rememberance of the birth of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW on 12 Rabi'ul Awal 1431H/ 26 February 2010.

GONG XI FA CHAI and Salam Maulidur Rasul.

Information Chief : Engr.Mohd Azwani
YDP : Tuan Haji Jofri

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