17 Ogos 2010


6 Ramadhan 1431 H
Oleh: Nash Ar-Rawy

Islam is not a new revelation of Jesus. But Islam means peace and also total surrender to HIM (Oneness) All the prophets right from Adam till Muhammad s.a.w. are all muslims i.e. they taught oneness of God and surrender to the one and the only one God .

Jesus is one of the prophets in Islam. Islam ruled Spain for 800 yrs, Christians were not killed , churches were not demolished ; there is freedom of religion as ordained in the holy Qur'an " La iqro hafiddeen' ( There is no compulsion in religion) to the non-muslims.

Muslims throug out the world will only protect themselves and attack when they are being attacked first ! In fact Sallehuddin Al Ayubi ( Saladin) has nursed King Richard the Lion heart when he was injured during the crusade war .

Islam is a peacful religion. Not like Hiroshima n Nagasaki being totally destroyed by America, Islam prohibits nuclear war because it's totally inhumane.

Islam upgraded the females where during the time of paganism new born female babies were buried a life and women became the sex apparatus of men , having illegal sexual intercourse with many men and the new born baby is named after the person of the most features with the infant.Islam preaches great morality and ethics.

Prostitutions and aldultery , lesbians, homesexual are strictly prohibited in Islam . Simple question: Do you want your mother or your daughter schewing here and there? For a divorcee, widows who are still young with minor dependents need protection .

So what is wrong for a rich husband to marry another one to assist them . For a sickly wives who are barren and need a baby. What's wrong if the hubby marries another one rather then committing adultery outside and bringing aids to his wife and himself. Thus, Islam sustains a clean siblings which is honoured by a sober man.
Islam teaches peace not war .

Who killed innocent peace aid volunteers in gaza? It's the yahood-zionist not Islam . Who prrosecuted the followers and the diciples of Jesus ; it's the yahood again . Who is the world oppressor and imprelialist towards the muslim world . Illicit Israel is the reputation of America .

That's why Zionist- USA is attacking the muslim world. Such as somalia, Iraq ( where is the nuclear weapons)and Afghanistan .

Remember it's not America which is being destroyed but the muslim world with the Jews protocol's as we could see with our naked eyes who are the victims of America/Zionist now? And played the role of a bulshit policeman of the world while their aim is to take control of the oil fields in Iraq and Afghanistan .

This is the plain truth of the contemporary wars by the yahood -Zionist -America. Where is peace on earth when there is colonialist, imperialist and world oppressors and suppressors such as america and its psychopans i.e. Illicit israel . Iran trying to ulitize nuclear to generate electricity is being blocked by america.

Who' s america trying two play god with so many war heads in its country ? Why not destroyed by UNO . And why allowed Illicit israel keeping nuclear war heads. This is their play of blue -eyed devils; disgusting!

Where is mankind to America with the nuclear boming of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ! BULSHIT! These are the essence and doctrine of illicit israel and America , It's not also the actual teachings of the holy bible and torah which is believed by the muslims and the Holy Qur'an being the last testament revealed by God to manknd . It's also not the teachings of Mesiah Jesus and Moses .

Remember they are all muslims( surrender to the one and the only one God) Thus, the followers of Muhammad are not called Muhammadens .But Muslims as to all the followers of all the prophets inclusive of Moses, Mesiah Jesus, Noah , Soloman, Abraham etc.

because they all derived from the one and the only one God! In Islam they didn't bring Christianity or Mosonic because Muhammad s.a.w. did not invent the verses of the Holy Qur'an or teching a new religion.

But a continuity of Islam brought by the previous prophets and it's being completed with it's rituals, social laws, , system of life and Islamic jurisprudence as completed in the Holy Qur'an as ordained in the Holy Qur'an when God said , " Today I accepted Islam as ur religion(Ad-deen)and it is completed . Meaning Muhammad s.a.w. is the last prophet.

As he said " It's like the bricks erecting a house and there's one brick missing . So I am that brick! "

Where is spirituality and the teachings of Moses and Jeses in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when a fair war weaponary were not used but NUCLEAR BOMS ! Ain't that a clear cut BRUTALITY! Sure one of my prophets at their contemporary such as Mesiah Jesus , or Moses would not have tolerated this act of BRUTALITY AND LUST of America and Zionist- jewish killings of the Gaza world peace missions volunteers! .

Where is spirituality , humanity and mankind ! BULSHIT !!!!! deceivng the world by sending aids .The non-muslim world are violating America/Yahood Zionism as well such as South Korea , Cuba, Venezuela, Russia , Gemany, France etc. Europe were once in darknes and London was once a small village.

At That time Mekah was already a cosmopolitant city . Islam enligtened the world with knowledge and civilization. The first University in the word was Alzhar in Cairo, Egypt( But Egypt is still a secular state being a psychopan of America as Saudi Arabia is.} .

Eropeans and students through out the world came and study . Algabar ( named by the Western orientalis as algebra who is the founder of mathematics) , Ibnu Sina( named by the western oreintalist as avecinna) founder of moden sciences , Ibny Rush ( Averus ) etc. They are all muslims scientists of various races as world pioneers of moden knowledge.

This is Islam and it's teachings for the future World Constitution which is based on "ISLAM JUST FOR ALL " as practiced by Muhammad s.a.w. to it's multi- national fist Islam State called Madinah ; where muslims only comprised of just 15 percent( minority) the rest were pagans, Christians, Jews, and hundreds of Arab ethnic tribes could live in peace and harmony in accordance with the Madinah Constitution which is copy-cat by democracy and socialism.

Until the jews violated and betrayed the constitution and the treaty with the prophet; they were chased away out of Madinah .So who wants peace . Even Camp David Treaty was breached and violated by Zionist Jews!. Look what illicit Israel has done to the innocents women and children in Gaza .

Ofcourse being fully supported by the world oppressor Amereca in the UNO . What a play ? See for yourself the plain truth wich is painful and bitter to swallow ! Peace B Upon U !

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