09 Ogos 2010

Soi Lek’s True Partnership ( Tahaluf Siasi) With Umno’s Psuedo Islam

27 Syaaban 1431H.
By : Nash Ar-Rawy
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It’s nothing peculiar about Soi Leks’ womanizer’s tongue as to Umno’s pseudo Islam . Where is now “ Bersih Cekap and Amanah” , Islam Hadhari ; all ‘cabut lari’ because it has got no substance but merely a show case and cosmetic nature . Islam is not corrupted as claimed by the womanizer’s tongue . But MCA is corrupted as in PKRZ and MIC in Maika Holdings scandals ; likewise UMNO RM52 Billion Bumiputra’s Shares gone with the wind untraceable , KWSP/Bakun cronies BN’s vultures, BMF, Perwaja Steel, Felda , etc.

These are the scandals after scandals of MCA, MIC and UMNO ; UBN’s crystal clear corruption which have made the lost of MIC, MCA and Umno leaders in the 12th GN. Sooner BE END in the 13th GE: with the grace of god .Precisely it’s not due to Islam and PAS . A stupid and Islamopobia perception of Soy Lek and UBN against ‘ Islam Just For All” which is accepted by the masses not UBN’s racist and chauvinist political agenda .Samy said ,”Islam apa boleh buat! BN juga kasi pembangunan! And applause by the stupid umno’s followers.

PAS contention is in line with Keadilan and DAP’s policy of ‘Justice For All ‘. Soy Lek has made a big mistake by comparing “ Islam Just For All” regardless of race , ethnic and religion in PAS/ PAKATAN to cosmetic pseudo Islam in UMNO and understood by UBN. Islam is against corruption, racism, religious extremism and cronyism of any kind . Here is where PAS political stand and PAS Political Pact ( Tahaluf Siasi) with DAP , Keadilan, and SNAP in PAKATAN RAKYAT which is definite and final.

Transparency International recognizes PAS/ Pakatan 20 yrs rule in Kelantan as ‘ZERO CORRUPTION” . Corrupted States of UBN’s rule and Federal Rule is left far behind with it’s racist , scandals and cronies political game being cover-up with it’s traditional deceiving the rakyat in one Malaysia. Contradicts with Nasir Safar PM’s strong-man words, “ Indians are beggars and Chinese are prostitutes immigrans ; whereas they are all Malaysians and enjoy their rights as citizens as provisioned in the Federal Constitution together with Islam as the official religion , the royalties , Bahasa Melayu and Malay special rights as well as other race rights and freedom of religion which are upheld by Pakatan leaders.

Soy Lek’s womanizing Islam coincides with Umno’s astray deviant policies. Dr. Mashitah of Umno religious scholar once said that , “ Woman may become a prostitute in the case of emergency “ Mahathir and his transgressed leaderships said , “ If Hudud law is implemented there will be leg sups found everywhere” Whereas stealing in Islamic law requires 2 eye witness , and in sodomy and adultery 4 eye witness. Umno has sodomized and womanized Hudud Law in Sodomy by violating the implement of Qazaf ( failure to produce 4 eye witness) in its accusations towards DSAI by the syariah court under Umno’s pseudo ‘Islamic Law ‘(BN’s Law not Islamic Law )

But Kelantan and Trengganu has legalized Hudud Law under PAS rule but was threatened by the Federal Government if it’s being implemented. Thus , the green-light to implement Hudud Law is by dethrone UBN as the Federal Government through Pakatan. Non muslims don’t have to worry at all of Umno’s/UBN’s threats of ‘Islamophobia ‘ because Hudud is only meant for the muslims only being the believers of Islam and non-muslim could freely opt to the present civil law as ordained in the Holy Qur’an ; “ La iqro hafiddeen “ ( There’s no compulsion in religion) for the non-muslims , Ofcorse, muslims will have to abide as true muslims not as munafik ( hypocrites).

Thus , for Soy Lek to womanize Islam and distrust PAS is nothing new in UBN because Umno as a deviant party has done it a long time ago making religion a mockery and it’s political game and entrapment by accusing PAS as defiant and later asking PAS a hand of political pack. Whereas PAS is stern with his friends and political pact ( Tahaluf Siasi ) with DAP , Keadilan, and SNAP in PAKATAN to snap UBN out of Putrajaya and the parliament in the next 13th GN. By the grace of God .

Chinese and Indian electorates has ousted MCA and MIC leaders and it’s up to the Malay votes to dethrone Umno as well . Middle class , urban Malays and educated cyber knowledge Malays could not be fooled by Umno except for the Malays in the remote areas, Felda settlers ( which are now being enlightened ) and postal voters are yet to make a swing in the coming 13th GE. A promising’ wheel turned ‘ for PAKATAN because racism is no more a political entrapment weapon for Umno/UBN . BE END for BN in the coming 13th GE following the foot-steps of Congress, Golkar and LDP by the grace of God.Thus, no party is permanent in this world .It’s the right time now for UBN to BE End and take the place of the opposition.


By : Nash Ar-Rawy/8.8.10 ( www.twitter.com/adnanrawa) www.ureka.asia)
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