27 Mac 2013

Najib too scared to face M'sian voters?

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YOURSAY 'The prime minister who has never won a general election is too scared to face one. That's the truth and there's no way else one can spin it.'

'BN not jittery about dissolving Parliament'

your saySpinnot: The ruling party/coalition normally chooses a date which is most advantageous to it (for example, when the economy is doing well), to dissolve Parliament.

If the ruling party/coalition waits until Parliament's term has expired, it means the incumbent is too scared to face the electorate.

Minister in PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz is right; BN is not scared of the opposition. It is scared of the electorate.

Aries46: It's not that Nazri is stupid or anything. He knows that his boss has no guts to call for the general election but he (Nazri) has no choice but to blame the opposition, which is what Umno has been doing these past five years.

It's not entirely Najib's fault either for ruling without a mandate even though he has his fair share of baggage and bungling like the Altantuya Shaariibuu debacle, Saiful Bukhari Azlan's complicity, Rosmah Mansor's Birkin bags and diamond rings, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's National Feedlot Corporation scandal, the exposes by P Balasubramaniam and Deepak Jaikishan and so forth.

But the main stumbling block for Najib has been none other than former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his right-wing Perkasa rabble-rousers who constantly threw spanners in the works whenever Najib had felt that he was ready to get his mandate.

Nazri must summon up the courage to point his fingers in that direction instead of insulting the intelligence of right-thinking Malaysians.

KSD: The prime minister who has never won a general election is too scared to face one. That's the truth and there's no way else one can spin it. It looks likely that he may also go down in history as the prime minister who never ever won a general election.

Tholu: Nazri, you are trying to portray Umno as a swan on election waters - calm and serene on the top but paddling frantically underneath.

Look at the stinky carcasses that had sprung (and continue springing) out of the murky waters - the Sarawak chief minister's corruption scandal; Mahathir's citizenship-for-votes scandal; the Scorpene submarine commission scandal; Altantuya's murder; the Cowgate scandal; RM40 million political donation to Sabah Umno scandal; the Malacca chief minister's son's wedding extravaganza (130,000 guests feted lavishly); Ampang LRT line extension project scandal; mysterious and unexplained deaths in detention scandals; disenfranchised Indians; the cowhead incident; and the ‘burn Malay bibles' call by Perkasa.

Take yourself, Nazri; don't you think your son driving a Hummer around belonging to a controversial Sabah businessman implicated in corruption, makes you a suspect of corrupt practices as well?

Now tell me who should be jittery?

Hmmmmmmmm: This is called putting up a false bravado. When they are scared, they say that the opposition is scared. When they do wrong, they pin the blame on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The people are wise to it already. They have cried wolf too often.

Fair Play: Nazri, PKR is not the government of the day and therefore they are in no position to dissolve Parliament. Now, who is really jittery?

Not Confused: I don't believe the opposition is in the least bit jittery. All it wants to do is put an end to the corruption, treachery and abuses of BN as soon as possible.

Conversely it is obviously Najib and BN who are jittery - waiting for as long as possible before effectively being forced to dissolve Parliament and call the long-awaited general election.

If they were even a little confident, they would have gone to the country months ago so that their "dear leader" has a genuine mandate to govern.

Instead they have to wait so that the paper-thin transformation policies show some success. This has proven to be damp squibs, and instead they are shelling out billions in goodies in the vain hope that they can buy sufficient votes. How utterly pathetic.

Linjunlin: The Lima (Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace) exhibition will end on March 30.

Usually, after the exhibition, there will be further acquisition of military weapons and fighter jets. A caretaker government cannot commit to the expenditure.

Najib will not want to miss signing these lucrative contracts. Hence, Parliament will not be dissolved until they are sealed. Nazri is right, the general election is likely to be held in May.

Multi Racial: Of course, BN is scared of Pakatan otherwise they would have called for general election long ago. Everyone knows about that, including Najib, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and all Umno members.

So Nazri does not have to lie about it. Malaysians find the present system such as waste of time and also very disruptive.

The dates of the general election should be fixed so that the incumbents can get on with their jobs. There will be less politicking, businesses have clarity and Malaysians can get on with their life without having to worry when GE will come.

The present system has caused so much inconvenience and I hope when Pakatan wins this time, they will change it to a fixed date like in the United States.

Starr: Whatever it is, it's utterly unfair in any democratic tradition to keep the rakyat in suspense for so long since the rakyat's mandate for Umno-BN government has already expired on March 8, five years after the federal cabinet was formed and sworn in.

After all, what's the difference between March 8 and April 28? In defending government's power to call for election as and when it deems fit, Nazri has clearly overlooked the fact that it owns a constitutional duty to go back to the rakyat for a fresh mandate before its term ends and not drag it on until the last minute.

Keeping the rakyat in suspense, Najib is tantamount to playing a guessing game with the rakyat, not only with the opposition. Let Najib be reminded that the government is only a 'franchisee' of power and the rakyat are the 'franchisor'.

KnockKnock: In the eyes of the BN, the opposition is jittery, stupid, weak, promising rubbish and lies, unIslamic, has foolish ideas and unrealistic manifestos, etc.

So what is BN waiting for? Strike when the iron is hot. Hit them hard and finish them once and for all. Call the general election now.

Oh, I thought you said opposition is jittery? Now, you make the rakyat more and more confused.

Chee Hoe Siew: PKR hungry for early election? In case Nazri haven't notice, the present term of government is officially over and it has already gone beyond injury time.


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